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Render Request Layout

Username (forum):

Email (OPTIONAL!!!):

Amount of players in render (up to 20 players):

Where player(s) are in render:

What player(s) are doing:

What player(s) are holding:

What player(s) are wearing (what armor and what type):

Link(s) to player(s) skin(s) and which player they are:

Amount of mob(s) in render:

What mob(s) are doing:

Where mob(s) are:

Backdrop (ex: in swamp, desert skywars, etc…):

Time of day in render (noon, night, ect…):

Dimension (Nether, End, Overworld):

Special effects (potion effects on a player, knockback on the left player’s stick, explosion particles, bubbles, rain, snow, lava dripping, dragon shooting out flames, torch fire, fire arrow, fireworks, ect…):

Text (player username above head, sign text, title, says subscribe, ect… and where it is, font, and any rotation):

Faces on or off (faces are realistic eyes, eyebrows, and mouths. Having this on might makes your skin look more realistic, but can’t be done for eyes that are bigger than 2x2 pixels and nonsquare/rectangle eyes. It will take longer for the render to be done if you want this. It looks like my profile picture):

Player(s) expressions (must have faces on to do this):

Anything extra:

When render is due (Can only be between 10 hours - 1 month):

Minecraft renders ONLY. I can do very few mods. Can add text if wanted. Inappropriate requests are NOT TOLERATED.