Anyone up for a challenge

Minecraft skin :

I am sorry for the detailed specs for this skin I have been looking for over a year now for someone to make a unique skin for me. My Minecraft name is Grumpy Mittens. I hope this is a challenge for you and pushes your limits of creativity.

Main Concept : / Like a puss in boots kind deal but from a war stand point

Gender: Male
Species: Cat
Eye Colour: Anything from Angry and Grumpy
Hair Colour: You decide
Clothes: reference "Main Concept*
Accessories: Scar:

how’s this so far

im having quite a blast with this

Its getting there needs some work thx you keep it up

is there anything you want diffrent specifically, all i need to do is shade, and fix some color

Umm maybe a darker tone for the body. Thx

Did you give up on it?

no im working on it, i just had other things to do, sorry

Oh that is quite alright thx you again

It looks nice is it done?

i can shade it and iron out some colours then ill send it, glad you like ^.^

I know this is a pain but you think you can do a little more shading on the pants and boots as well the body