I don't know what name is good

II’m not icrdr, but I posted it came from icrdr

may you share that Tyrannosaurus rig? I’ve never seen anything like that!

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:smiley:Thank you, I want to share in this youtube but I do not know where to upload

you can easily use mediafire.com or sellfy.com

:smiley:Oh,thank you

I share youtube video address in the rig:https://youtu.be/N4tjN_AS7bA

I knew these were from League!

Hey NIESEP you know, uploading your products on sellfy, makes the others pay to get them. I don’t have a problem with that but teh only way to pay in sellfy is via paypal, which I don’t own. Would you please upload this file again on mediafire? thanks bro

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I do not know why I can not upload to mediafire.com I also want free share, you still have other better site?

well teh fastest site (which needs signing up) is https://mega.nz/ it is a very good site check it out!

I’ve changed a new link

Could you please leave a link with a skin in one of your pictures above.
They look really good!

I’d love to have this skin and you made it really awesome !
Great job my friend



I’m sorry, these are not my own Skin I did not go through the consent of the author is not sent out

You should try doing a laser fight something kinda like this but different if you know what I mean.

Check this out

hey that’s my photo :smiley: lol
what kind of laser fight then?

woah, nice!!! dude, maybe make a person fighting one of ur made monsters!!!

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