Layer override bug

I am trying to make a resource pack for me and a friend but when I go to edit a layer that is under another layer (Say for example the Alex skin face or the Zombie face and not the layers on top) it does STRAIGHT to the top layer. I read something very similar to this about the Alex skin where when trying to edit skin layer 1 it ONLY edited skin layer 3 (the top layer). This makes doing my resource pack nearly impossible. I would come back more often if this issue was fixed.

this has been a bug going around, i am unsure of if they are fixing it though because i have not seen a comment on the issue

You need to right click multiple times to select the inner layers

that does not seem to fix my problem. I am now able to select which parts of the skin i wish to draw on but i am not able to draw on them only the outer layer. so if I select head it will draw on the hat layer

I found the problem. It’ going to be fixed.

Never guessed that changing a variable name would cause so much problems…

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yay! thank you :smiley: i am so happy to see that the problem will be fixed i thought i would never be able to skin again ;-;