Made my First wallpaper (for my own and others uses) ( video thumbnail )

Hello there this is my first ever wallpaper I designed it for my own use but I was gonna put my player skin it doesn’t work so I want to try this way but by all means go ahead and use this as well :slight_smile:

try again, nothing got posted.

specify more? you mean i didn’t upload the wallpaper or this isn’t getting posted??

I see the picture now, sorry I was unable to see the photo. Nice job on your first :smiley:

thank you very much, it took a little while to make. So am I able to use it
on this website now?? cause that’s the reason I was making it cause cinema
4d is bugged when I use the skin I put on the layers go to the wrong part
of the body xD

You wanted this as a wallpaper for yourself? So, you don’t need to upload it here, you need to use a player model in which you can apply a skin to. Not the Novaskin model for wallpaper submissions. I have a basic model for 1.8 skins you can use in your scenes or there are countless free and paid-for rigs online.

Here’s mine in case you want to look at it.

I used weedlions steve rig and replaced the texture with the skin i wanted
to use

Hmm? I’m not sure then, what version skin does that rig support? Are you
using the right version for the rig in which you are trying to use?

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