No wallpapers showing up

The wallpapers page is blank, anyone else having the same issue? I’ve tried clearing my cache, no luck.

Me too :cry: i cant make wallpaper today

Not Thing Shows up!

YEA ME TOO I NEED TO MAKE A WALLPAPER PLS FIX THIS PROBLEM :confused: PLS fix it it doesn’t load when I open it and now I cant make a new wallpaper pls fix It

I have been having the same issue which really sucks because I need to make some YouTube art!! Praying this issue gets solved soon

Same issue here. I came to Nova Wallpapers after ages, only to find blank pages.

I’m hoping it will be fixed soon :confused: I don’t even know what’s happening.

Same They Have to fix this cause I use this for thumbnails

Anyone know how long this issue has been ?

Since yesterday morning is when I realized it. The day before I had no issues and was using the wallpapers for thumbnails with extreme ease… Now I have to wait to upload my video because I don’t have a thumbnail, hoping this gets fixed soon.

An answer from the moderators would be nice… Let us in on what is happening!

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3 days later, no info on what is going on… I would at least like to know when wallpapers will be back :triumph:

It is now back everyone! Let’s go have some fun with some wallpapers now :wink:

Now it’s an issue where you can click the wallpapers, but it won’t finish loading. :frowning:

So I just made a wallpaper, one where 3 players are running from a literal cookie dragon and then I realized I could use these as theumbnails for youtube (with credit to the site and artist of course) and went to go see if I could find anything related to past videos and it wouldnt load. I emptied my cache, and history, restarted my computer, went in ingognito mode, and still nothing. Does anyone know why this happens? I literally just made a wallpaper and now I cant? minutes later? Thanks!