Skin Editor doesn't work for me anymore

Hey. I’ve had some problems with the Skin Editor. Lately, it just didn’t work for me anymore. When I opened it, the skin just didn’t load and I couldn’t search for any player names whatsoever.
I’ve got a picture of it here:

how long have you waited?
i see this screen but it quickly goes away when im loading

have you tried the things in this post?

I’ve been waiting for like an hour now, it just doesn’t load. I’ve also tried everything on the thread you’ve showed me, nothing works. It also can’t be because of my (very bad) internet, because it also doesn’t work when I’m using it at work. :confused:

may i ask what browser you are using, im sorry for the trouble

I’m using Google Chrome

make sure your browser is updated

past this into your browser, it will check for updates


Also try to load the page with https (click the link bellow)
just as a test.