Wallpaper skin problem plls help

if i try to make a wallpaper for my players skin, Wereld2003 it has red lines on the side of his head but if u load the skin into minecraft the skin is fine. i have tried pngs and jpegs but they dont show up on my minecraft. if i put my name into the editor the skin is also fine but when i put it in the wallpaper website it has red lines again! if anybody of u knows whats the problem please tell me. people say it something with transparant pixel but also in paint it did show anything bad.

how it looks in mc:http://minecraft.tools/en/skin.php?skin=Wereld2003

how it shows in the wallpaper: put the name Wereld2003 into the player name of the wallpaper generator

u guys can also see this problem yourself if u try to use it with my skin

please help me!

Sometimes you have to left click-hold it with he eraser to completely erase it… Its just a tip