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New Render! - Fighting Wither Skeleton (With Red Enchanted Sword!)

Today I was bored… so I made a render! Still taking any render requests… Also if you wanted I can replace my skin with yours in this render… yeah that is pretty much it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ps. (In my style of animating different enchantments are different colors, for example, a pink bow would be infinity, and a red sword would be bane of the arthropods.)

Could you make a render of an enderdragon and a red dragon fighting, with people on their backs?

Here ya go:


Woah! That’s pretty awesome.

Thanks! If you have any more render requests let me know!

Oh! That is so COOL!

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How about the minecraft character standing in a scared way on a stone surrounded by a green, glowing slime like acid? That would be sick!

Oh my goodness! Sorry I haven’t been active recently! I will get both of your request done as soon a possible. They don’t send out notif emails anymore so I didn’t think I have been contacted. So sorry I will get this done once I have time!