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Taking down old skins related to me

So, years back my old username was Starship187. At the time, people had decided it would be a good idea to mess with me and create “NSFW” variants of my skin.
I’m looking to get rid of these skins now because they’re following my account and upon a search for my previous names they will pop up. I’ve attempted reporting said skins, however they’ve not been taken down. If nothing else I just want the names changed, and I’ve been unable to do so because these skins were uploaded on an account thats not my own.
Do you guys have any solutions? And if so, what would those be?
I’m currently unable to send links due to being in school, however if any moderators or members can help, send me a message (If that’s a thing here, I’m not a novaskin forum user so pardon my lack of knowledge)