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Won't Let Me Use Gallery Textures, Download Doesn't Work?

I went on the gallery to see if I could make a new resource pack, and when I tried to put a texture on, it tells me I need to install the actual pack first. Normal, right? After downloading and installing, the page went to verify it, but it says I need to download and install AGAIN.
So I did, about 10-12 times more, and decided there’s something wrong. Of course. It says I’ve downloaded and installed, but every single time I try to put on a texture, it says I need to download the pack again! I just joined Nova Skin, but I can’t even use the gallery or the resource pack. All I can do is use the skins for the player.

Can anyone help?

This has happened to me too, I do not know how to fix it, It’s worked a few times in the past but, Not anymore?