1.8 release Layered Skins

Are you guys going to update your skin editor to 1.8 because i really love this website and would love it if u guys were to update. i’m an amazing costum skin designer and all of my skins i made on your website. and i would greatfully appreciate if u guys update it. i looked at other websites and never seen a skin editor like yours. and not to be rude but if u haven’t already heard Mojang made it so players can now have layered skins. layered skins are basically adding another layer to your arms, legs, and torso kinda how u have an extra layer on your head. so plz get back to me as soon as posible.

heres an example:


snapshot.minecraft.novaskin.me its been in the works for awhile, still have a few bugs to iron out

ok thx just wanted to know bec i love making my costum skins and since 1.8 came out i was just eager to make a layer skin on this site. thx tho =P uda best!!

btw i love it so far the only prob i had was the lag when using it

yeah thats an issue, ill have to tell saviski, where ever he went

thx btw other then tht im fine with it

You can use http://minecraft.novaskin.me/resourcepacks?#default/textures/entity/steve.png if the default version lags too much
You can also edit slim player skins http://minecraft.novaskin.me/resourcepacks?#default/textures/entity/alex.png

Anyway, the skin editor was updated to add the extra layer, let me know the bugs you found.

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