33 new wallpapers added to the site

So, after a long period of time without updating the site with new wallpapers, finally all the pending submissions have been processed and added to the site.
I will contact the uploaders by e-mail, but also verify if everything is OK with your submissions here http://minecraft.novaskin.me/wallpapers

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Hey @saviski! Are you fine?
Just to allert you to the errors of the skin UV-Mapping in this wallpaper.
By the way, Iā€™m almost back to making wallpapers! :smiley:

Best regards, @Tourobaba

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Thanks for pointing that, converting the layer_matcolor color profile fixed the error.

Hope to see you back soon @Tourobaba :wink:

Everything seems to be alright with my wallpapers. Thanks for adding them. c:

All of mine are fine. Excited to tell my friends.

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