A Wallpaper Request

What I am looking for is a Graveyard setting. I made a rough version of it in game.

The wallpaper is meant for one skin. The skin is meant to go where the armor stand is. I am thinking the skin is either meant to be standing there watching over the graveyard or beginning to take a walk down the path (also to watch over the graveyard), the position will be up to whoever makes the wallpaper.


If no one accepts it within the next couple of days, I’ll do it. I think the building should be like a mausoleum or groundskeeper’s shack.

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It actually is a groundskeeper’s shack lol maybe after this one I will take a screenshot of inside and request that as a wallpaper too? lol

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I am starting to think… this might have been forgotten. :sweat: I hope not…

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have no fear, I have been doing random wallpapers and I should add this to the list!

Yay, great to know this won’t be forgotten now! :smiley:

Fear not, I made it my own. It will be here soon :wink:

That… is way better than I could ever think. ^-^ I LOVE it!

Course it would be better if it didn’t look like the walls had millions of tiny holes but it is still wonderful overall!

Edit: Actually I somewhat like the little holes. xD I have mixed feelings now lol.

I used some new models, they give the blocks more depth, check this out.


I’m starting to like this. It really looks great. ^^

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Oi nĂŁo sei fazer nada aqui me ajudar

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