Advanced skin-128 bit-take your time

I would like someone to make an advanced, detailed skin. You can take as much time as you would like! If you have a youtube channel, I will gladly subscribe, even if I don’t choose to use the skin you made me! I am looking for a few specific things:

go to the youtube channel “aphmau fantasy”
look at the series “dreams of estorra”
watch the first episode or two
pay attention to all the minecraft skins
make me a skin that is like all of their’s
very detailed, very specific, and VERY ORIGINAL
I don’t want it to be copied off of any skin in the episodes

I want the skin to have a purple and blue mixture, and no colors that are really bright. You can take bits and pieces from all the different skins. In case you were wondering,yes I am a girl. DOn’t make it too boy looking!

I want the hair of my skin to be very detailed, like in the episodes. I would prefer the hair to be a like the main characters hair, but dark blue. all the same detail as well. I would like the hair that hangs down in the front of the main character (aphmau) to be a little longer.

just send me an email of the skin, or parts of it if your not done, to see if i am liking it, or if i want you to change parts of it., or if you have any questions. (or just email me if you are bored and want to chat about anything) my email

please try your best, or if you don’t think you can do it, but know someone who can, ask them!


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