All my skins are gone even after I cleared all of my cache and history

Hi! I had 2 accounts with about 50 skins each, but I logged on today for the first time in a few months and I only have a few skins in each! Please help! I can’t even find them when I search their names. Most started with Rainbow Robotnic, a few started with spacejosh, and two had a’bby and khajiit in the name. If anyone has any ideas, please tell me!

I’ll even put pictures of the skins from a while ago here

and the base for the sets of the skins here with an example



So, the site was hosting some of the skin files on imgur, but it seems like I shouldn’t be doing that because they blocked the domain from showing images hosted on imgur. Not a big problem here.

So I started hosting/copying all the images that were on imgur to our server, what I should be doing since the beginning.
But due to a bug on the script doing this work, lots of skins were lost (my fault).

So yes, the files are lost. I still can give you access to the screenshots of the skins, the picture saved together with the skin file on the gallery. But the original texture file is lost.

But if you are luck enough, google may have a cached copy of your skin profile page.

get you gallery page url, for example mine is:
and type cache: in the address bar of google chrome

if your old skins are still there, save them!
but you need to right click the skin image and click save it as, using the download button will not work.
or click edit, it will open novaskin with the skin, save it again to your account.

Some of them I was able to recover