Another Wallpaper Request

I was thinking earlier of what I would like seeing as a wallpaper and I made a rough version of it in Minecraft,

Some things to make note of for this: I am thinking there is at least three to four characters in this wallpaper. One takes the place of that “statue” (basically one of them IS the statue) and there is three others exploring the area. The “Quartz Golems” I made are actually meant to be Iron Golems (I just didn’t want them to spawn and roam away from their places) they are rusted in place after so long being there I’d think. So yeah. :smile:

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I’m gonna do it! Looks really cool :smiley:

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How does this look? If you think it look like what you wanted, then I’ll send it right away.

If it is possible to change where each of the three exploring skins are, the one in the far back could be looking at the iron golem, interested by it, and the other two… maybe inspecting the statue? Also the statue placement and golems are perfect!

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How’s this?

I was thinking more like this,

I was just finishing up another idea when I saw this so I thought I’d quickly make this to show what I meant lol.

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More like this? Hope this is more what you want. Also I see you have the derpy heads of default texture pack. Lazy Minecraft sometimes lol I couldn’t stand looking at them backwards and had to fix in my pack lol

Yes like this! Love it! Also derpy heads?

I just meant the mob heads as seen in your hotbar, Minecraft messed up their rotation in 1.11 lol

Glad you like it though. I will send it online very soon.

Oh yeah it is so weird and backwards. xD I was so confused when I first saw the head was backwards.

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