BIG Resource Pack Editor Bug

Before I start, I love Nova Skin’s Resource Pack editor. It is the only thing i can use to make Packs and I think it is the best Resource Pack Editor out there.

Anyways, I know you guys might have heard this a million times before (At least i hope) but I really REALLY hate the bug where it makes Nothing show up on the editor. Ill try my best to describe how it happened.

So i was editing the Icons on my new pack (About 2 or 3 days ago) and when i finished them i jumped onto Minecraft to test them out. They Turned out to work perfectly so i went back to nova skin to work on something else. When i got on, everything was working as usual. I clicked on the wood on the side to open the blocks tab and nothing poped up. Nothing. No loading symbol, no icons, Nothing. I closed the page, deleted my Cache. Nothing worked. All the tabs did the same thing except the dropbox tab. But the connect button didn’t even work. I also tried the techne search, but when i did that it just refreshed the page back to the home page of the Resource Pack editor. I gave it a few days in hopes of fixing it, but that didn’t work either. Then i tried using Firefox, but when i tried to open tabs there it only showed a loading symbol. And now i’m playing Minecraft all depressed with my incomplete Resource Pack :pensive:

Some Pc info (Hope it helps!)

I was using Google Chrome the first time
CPU @ 2.9 GHz
Windows 8.1
Ram- 6GB

(P.S. I was looking at some old posts, like from sept last year, and it seems like you can use The new nova skin a few times before the bug starts to take effect)

Actually, it seems to be working today. I REALLY hope it holds out. If you guys did something to fix it thank you so much!

It was an side effect of some changes I did on the server configuration but they had been fixed already.

Thanks man i appreciate it, you guys do a nice job around here