Boat racing wallpaper! (blender cycles)

Hello my name is EvilAsuratos

i recently worked on a wallpaper to upload it as a template and this is it

but i dont know what i should do now so it is combitable it is was made with blender and the cycles render engine


Hello @EvilAsuratos,
The wallpaper has a really amazing quality!
For creating wallpapers templates with blender take a look to this topic!

Also, try to mess with positions & rotation even more. For example: the player’s heads and bodys are always facing the same direction!

If you need some help, contact by e-mail, the e-mail answer can take some time.

well yeah because they are seeing their goals if :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: which is in front of them and i saw this but i dunno what i should do after… just use compositor to take the uv maps?

I don’t know anything about blender! I just know how to play with Cinema 4D.
Read the whole topic carefully!

i am learning C4D too atm ;D and i saw some stuff you made ;D you are awesome

Thanks! If you need any help with Cinema 4D my skype is tourobaba!

wow thats really good! how long have you been using Blender

Hmmm nearly one year

nice, i think ive been at it for around 2.5 now

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