Bug - Certain Textures on the editor

I’ve been working on a pack for about 1 or 2 months now and a few of the textures on the pack do not want to stay textured. What i mean by that is I would texture something, I’d save it, then i’d look in my folder and it would not be there. When i tested it in game it didn’t show up either. I know i’m saving it to the pack because when i try to texture it again the Picture that shows the texture you are overwriting is the one that couldn’t save, but it says its textured.

[The Textures that do this are]
-Diamond Ore
-Coal ore
-Crafting table
-A few other things i’m too stupid to remember

[These used to give me problems but i fixed them with file editing]

The ones that are giving me problems right now i’m unable to fix with file editing

Do you see your previously saved texture, with your changes or just the default texture?

My previously saved texture

That’s weird, because that means that the texture was actually saved.
Maybe it is being saved on the wrong directory, I don’t know.

Anyway, you can download the individual pack for the block you are re-texturing

And merge it with you resource pack zip file.
Check if the files are inside the assets/minecraft/textures/blocks folder