Can This Site Get an Update?

When I saw this website, I thought, “Hey! A skin editor, COOL” Then I dove deeper, “Wow, wallpapers too? Forums? Texture Packs??!?!” So yeah, I was pretty exited. I kept checking for new, cool wallpapers, using the skin editor, all that stuff, but, cool as it was, I kept thinking about how old this website seems. First of all, I think it’s neat how it’s all HTML and Javascript and stuff, but seriously, the newest category was updated in October of 2014, and that’s the earliest! Also, the wallpaper page hasn’t gotten anything new in like months. I really like this website, but I just think it really needs some updating, on many things. Maybe it’s active in the forum, but I would love if everything was fresh, new, and modern, then this site would be perfect! I’m not asking for anything in particular, just an update. I hope somebody listens to this advice, but even if nothing happens, it’s still a pretty cool website.