Cannot use resource pack manager on mac

I want to add custom textures to my minecraft from novaskin, but when extracting the exe file it gives me a fatal error (I use Keka) Do you know of any programs this actually works with? Any other ways to get the custom textures ingame? Let me know.

Hi, the installer was designed to work on windows only. But the RP manager can work on mac too.

Install node.js Mac OS X Installer (.pkg) (19.3 KB)
extract this zip file to the minecraft resourcepacks folder, inside a novaskin folder (just like a normal resource pack)

run this command inside the bin folder

cd bin
node server.js

open this page to check if it is working

You should see this message

you will need to run the command manually, but I will try to make a mac and a linux installer soon
the same works for linux, just install the nodejs version for your system.
the windows version runs in background as a service

Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks!

how do i run a command?

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Please Help! I have a mac and i don’t understand at all on how to do it. Please maybe make a video to help me or someone. please help!!!

How do you run the command!!! I’m so confused ?!?!? Can someone please respond about how to do it?! i just wanna make a resource pack :disappointed:

This method doesn’t seem to work anymore. I was able to run the command, but the browser window that I open to see if things are working then acts like it needs to install nova skin still.

Error: Cannot find module ‘/Users/_______/server.js’

copy and paste ( npm install server-js )in the terminale

I cant do it. it keeps saying “You dont have it”