Can't delete/remove skins

I cannot delete skins from the saved skins section in the editor. I am able to push the “X”, and a prompt will pop up asking me if I really want to delete the skin. Even if I choose “yes” the skin stays, even when I refresh the page. I am using Google Chrome.

Thats weird…

Try to delete it from this page
open the skin and click on the delete button

I am the same issue, can you explain the solution further? what does the delete button from look like? where is it located?

I’ve done this but it does not want to delete please fix this! :-:

Sometimes the skin was being deleted but the search results where still showing the old results before the deletion.
I hope I have fixed this problem now.

Sadly, I’ve done both of those items from the actual editor and the gallery, but I still have multiple copies of my skin that I only want one copy of.

how to delete my saves skin in but my saves skin.saved without my account.
uploader of my skin says >player< the uploader
help me guys how to delete my skin!
my skin is bugged
sorry for my bad english

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can you delete my skin I created its name is PokeWrathNumber7 I can’t delete it because I forgot to sign into my account

I have the same problem. But there also is written Author: anonym. I contacted the webmaster a few times, wrote back to the “welcome message”, reported the skin, wrote comments, posted it here like you(it got deleted for spamming) and i didnt receive any answer or reaction. I uploaded a skin when i was younger with my actual name and when people search me (Frederik Thoenissen) its pretty embarrassing since all the results are minecraft skins.

i have the same problem but luckily i found a simple solution. go to resourcepacks, open folders, go in on novaskin, whatever skin you wanted deleted, for me it was enteties, horses. and then just delete the image

The problem here is that there a skin named “y33tworm” that everytime i try to delete, it’s posted as new skin with de same name.


I have the same issue, but in this case i created without an account can you help me?

I have the same issue for this skin.

I uploaded it on accident without log in first!

Help please?

I tried using the links in here and searched for the delete button through the normal link and still could not find the button, I NEED to get the skins I made off though, somebody help