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Cant download the resource pack editor thingy

can i have some help with this? it gives me this error when i try:

This forum.novaskin.me page can’t be foundNo web page was found for the web address: http://forum.novaskin.me/clicks/track?url=https%3A%2F%2Fstorage.googleapis.com%2Fskineditor.appspot.com%2Fpublic%2FNovaSkinResourcepackInstaller.exe&post_id=9510&topic_id=7431#=

I have this problem too…

I’m Sir Sorry…! ItsLwi

http://forum.novaskin.,me/clicks/track?url=https%2F storage.gooleapis.com%2F skineditor.appspot.com%2Fpublic%2F%2FNovaSkinResorceourcepackkln staller. ex e&post_id=1041&topic_id=10413#= HTTP ERROR 101

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