Can't Make Resource Packs, Please Help T-T

Whenever I try to download the nova skin resource pack, it downloads to the other computer user. I tried turning myself into an administrator, but still, without asking to where I want to download it, it automatically goes to the wrong place. I tried moving the resource pack to my profile, but it would claim it was open in some form and I had to shut that down, and I couldn’t figure out what was causing the problem. I have no clue how to redirect where the textures I make go, but I would like to actually be able to use this. I can simply download them either, it would seem… I can’t figure out any way to make my own resource pack with this.
I also tried to just make my own project, and I’ll try to make a new project, enter name, bla bla bla, and it just doesn’t appear. My last resort is to download skins and try to manually put them in a texture pack folder, but that would take FOREVER, and I think I’ll probably just drop making a resource pack before I sit through that all for the fun of seeing my own creations in-game.

Modify the browser settings to ask where to download the files to, and put them there.

The project might not show up until you refresh the page; same with the textures.

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