Can't search skins by player name on wallpapers

I’ve been trying to make a wallpaper of me and my friends but the player sin search dosn’t work! Not even the simplest names like Tom, Grian or Notch works, and that message always comes up; “Skin for ___ not found”. So I gave up and tried searching but ofcorrce doesn’t anything come up… and they where they got their skins so I am stuck. Just help me, @Spen10 and @XMShadow. Please

Okay let me tell you something, Mojang changed there skin servers so things still using the old one wont find any skins. The reason is because they moved all the skins to the new server so nova skin or non updated skin steal apps wont work anymore, Also nova skin has not been updated since December 25th.


I’ve been having this problem. As @Jack mentioned, it won’t be able to find player names until Nova Skin updates their servers to find skins from the new skin server.

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I mean like can they update it because there isn’t any other website that’s like this

I want them to fix this i have been aching to nake a new wallpaper :confounded:

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