Capes for wallpaper maker

I think that we should be able to upload cape files onto the wallpaper maker so we are even more unique.

like this cape file

sorry its so small

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Capes are a complete different part. LLike for exampole there are custom rigs and very little of them have capes inside them. As of this, in a rig u add a players skin, where in the skin u cannot add cape as it is not defined and if it is OF (OptiFine) then the cape is not even shown in the skin. If we added a unique rig into the photo, then novaskin would have to download the specific cape or u should upload the cape and the cape on its own would be a different PLAYER in the wallpaper. Except that, if capes were added, EVERY1 could add any type of cape he wanted to into his wallpaper, but nice idea, maybe savinski thinks about it and maybe we can make the same properties into the cape as the character so u can add it (but upload the cape) as a complete different character but shown as UR cape. Maybe ill test it if i have time :wink:

The creator of this thread is talking about custom capes made on this site. I’m pretty sure it’s possible.

Well some time have passed but i found the way to do capes with characters and haven done experiments and it works Now the only problem is that i cant use the novaskin’s rig bicause the torso and the body parts cannot be recognised by the cape rig i have as to be belted on. It is successfully tested on weedlion’s free and paid rig but not in this novaskin edition. Ill ask savinski though if i can use the paid rig itself but with the rainbow (UV matted) skin its needed.

that looks like the flag of the USSR (Soviet Union)

It’s doable, but the cape should be an extra layer and rendered separately (like the hat).

you can use this image as the cape texture.

so why does that matter?