Change Background Color

is it possible to change the background color of the editor? plain white can be quite an irritation for the eyes, special if you want to add anything white to a texture, if it isn’t already an option, then it should be added as an option to do so.

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I will look into that.

But for a quick solution before I add the feature, you can change the background color manually. Right click somewhere in the background of the page, click Inspect and on the right side of the panel that pop-out in the bottom write background: silver (or any other color name) between the { } thing.


Okey, thank you.
Something that would be nice, would be something like THIS, I feel it creates a good contrast when you’re working with something, and it’s easy to see both gray colours in it as well as any other color, though I dunno how easy/hard that would be to add, since you get a clear outline when you’re working with it, if the background got “no” color.

The image website is not loading
You can paste images here by the way ,or use the upload button on the reply window.

something like that, that you have on the side where it showcases what you’re making

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