Copyright Question for Wallpapers

So I wanna make a digital print of one of my wallpapers, but I’m not sure if they can sell it to me because of the novakin watermark on the bottom right corner. Is there any terms of use for the wallpapers? Can I make a digital print of my wallpaper with the watermark on it? Please respond as soon as you can!

I do believe that all the wallpapers are free to use as you wish. I doubt any artist here would be upset with you making a print of the wallpaper with your skin. I wouldn’t, use any of mine freely. Just don’t claim the wallpaper as your own work of art and I think you should be fine.

Hey, the wallpapers are under this license, check it out for more information! :smiley:

So, following the information given by the license, you are not given the permission to make money out of it, but, as @Andreal_Vox said:

You are printing for yourself, so I suppose that there is no problem! :smiley:

Best regards, Touro!

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May I/we get permission to use the Wallpaper on a Youtube channel - or video - if the video offers monetization for ads?

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yes, it’s fine :wink: it’s the video you’d be monetizing not the thumbnail

Thank you! You all do awesome work!