Custom Texture Pack Needed!

Hello, I am Vale and I own an Equestrian server, called the Eq Life, as the title states I’m in need of a custom texture pack, at the moment, I am only looking to customize the horses, (All including the undead ones) the armor, and possibly a few things such as hay bales and stuff to make them look more realistic, and better looking for a server like mine.
As for payment, I am hoping someone who does this more for a hobby could possibly do this for free, but if not, and your interested in helping me out, PM me and we can negotiate a price.
The main designs I’m looking for is a semi-realistic horse texture, and for my undead horses to have the same texture (semi-realistic) but have them look like a certain breed, a Fjord, if you look it up they have a very distinct coloring and mane + tail, I would like the undead horses to look like 2 version of the fjord horse, the “brown” dun and gray, you can Email me @ or through instagram @TheEquineLifemc or on here is fine too although i can’t promise to reply so soon as I’m not on this particular site much.

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