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Desperate for help!

I had this skin and recently lost it because my computer broke and I could find the skin again. I know it’s out there and after hours of scrolling through pages and pages I feel like I’ll never find it again. A statue was made of me on a creative server and pics of the skin will be linked If this can be replicated or found I will be very grateful! I would make it myself but I am awful and creating skins.



Anyone who attempts to help, Thank you!!

I would have added more pics but I was not allowed to do so because I just made this forums account ]= If you need the other links, message me.

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You did the skin on Nova Skin Skin Creator?

@Tourobaba No I did not create the skin. Which is why I know it’s out there. I just can’t find it. I’m having absolutely no luck. ]= I found it on minecraftskins.net and I’ve spent hours trying to find it again.

Do you still have it in your minecraft? If you have premium minecraft and It’s still in minecraft just tell me your nickname!

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Yes I’m premium and no my skin is changed. My IGN is SpookyPickle but I want that skin I posted, I just can’t find it.

Sorry forgot the tag

If it’s changed forget… I can’t help, sorry. :’(

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Lol @Tourobaba Huh…?!

Se quiser eu faço pra você, mas só se você tiver disposição pra esperar. (Caso você ainda esteja interessado me responda)

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What is krita studioz skin ya!