Disappearing skins

In the skinning area you have your skins that you have made on your left. Yesterday my skins turn invisible. You can click on them and they appear on avatar but on the left it is still invisible. Please help.

In my case, most of my skins have disappeared entirely!!! They aren’t there anymore. Period! What the crap’s going on???

My skins have disappeared too! and when I try to see when I search what I searched is invisible

so have mine i few left but they are all gone completly

I looked a my Gallery, it says all of about five of my skins are “lost”. What does that mean? I don’t know and I need one of my skins to prove that it is not stolen on another website but i cannot now because it is “lost”

Mine showed back up but… (Like Lord_Ajax said) they are “lost”.

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But in some cases you can find copies of the skin in Find Similar > find derivations.
Or click the cache link to search the skin on google and look for cached pages on the Web tab

if google has a cached version of the skin page, save the skin image.

Thank you for your help!

Thanks alot man, that really does help, at leas they are “lost” and “found” now