Do you have any wallpaper ideas!


I`m quite good at doing wallpapers.
If you want me to make one can you just write a comment below and i will email it to you when im done!!

What do you make your wallpapers in?

Hey can u make one of 3 people? me in the middle please! (im Master_dartagnan, also put MG_TheDiamond and Joel_Gaming47986!) Thx can u also put the words Kre8Wiz Big and Red in the middle Thanks!!! (its for my banner!)

I use the program mine imator

Sure, do you have any ideas for how the wallpaper should be???

Hay! I have an idea maybe you can like make a Fnaf PvP wallpaper with 6 players and 6 animatronic battling each other! There was my idea for ya and if you need skin making advice check out my “tips for making really good Minecraft skins” topic
If you need to! Ya can if ya want to

I have a Idee make this pls