Error when I create wallpapers

Hello , I’ve had some problems with Wallpapers , I did everything right , rendering and saved , but that look bad , I need the help of someone who knows , I think it’s a Photshop error Because an error occurs when I open it , and says ’ ’ The document layer_matcolor0002 has an embedded color profile that does not match the currrent RGB working space. ‘’ And I think something is wrong, but do not know how to fix it .
Already , thanks for reading :smiley: and sorry for my bad English

Hey, have you done this part correctly? This is kind of important! :smiley:

Yes, I did everything and I not have idea because not it looks good :disappointed_relieved:

If someone else is having this problem. Just select the “convert” option.

Hah? you all brother please your error apa nya…?