[HELP] Doesn't work and won't let me open minecraft

I simply wanted to make a resource pack, so I downloaded the required resource pack.
Had a few difficulties but whatever, it ended up showing up in my resource pack file.
I went back onto to the website after downloading it, only to find it doesn’t work. the website thinks I don’t have it installed. I thought maybe it was because I hadn’t logged in and it wasn’t working for that reason.
Surprise! it still doesn’t work. After all this happened I tried just testing out texture packs I had already downloaded in the game, all of a sudden it tells me it can’t open because of something in the resource pack file. I think maybe I had possibly downloaded a file that wasn’t compatible with the game, so I attempted to move them out of the file … Nova skin refuses to delete or move because it is “open in another program.” I then tried opening the game again only to find that it once again, still doesn’t work.
So, conclusion, Nova skin doesn’t work, refuses to delete or move out my resource pack file, and is now why I can’t play Minecraft. Please help.

I get the “open in another program” message when I try to edit the zip while minecraft is open, so it could be that. If you get it deleted, I recommend making packs using the local projects tab, as it’s much easier to work with and has fewer bugs.

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