Help? It's not working!

So…I heard about Nova Skin, thinking “WOW! This will be so cool! Deciding what I want for my skins and such!”

And it seemed easy enough…downloaded it, went to the gallery to pick out a skin I really liked…found it, pressed the “Apply to MInecraft” And…it tells me to install the Nova Skin Resource pack…

I know its installed, its shown up in my game, its in my .minecraft folder…

The link I got when I downloaded it went to one of your pages, and it states that…Nice! Nova Skin resourcepack manager is installed and running on your computer.

Any help guys? I have uninstalled and reinstalled the pack, tried different skins, made accounts on all of your stuff, updated minecraft…I am just really unsure what to do at this point. Part of me is thinking “Welp its broken!” But thought I would ask for help :slight_smile:

Thank you :heart:

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Wow, this is exactly like the post I just made. I’m having the same issue, but I don’t exactly know how to fix it… I thought it might’ve just been my computer, but hey! Anyways, if I find a fix to it, I’ll reply again. :smiley:

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The same issue with you, who knows how to fix :frowning:

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Same here! I don’t understand why it is not working

Ikr It’s why I came here. :confused:

The same issue! Why???

I had the same issue. I found that you can make a local pack more easily than using the pack they try to give you. Press “new” under local projects, and save textures you edit to it under the “save resources” tab on the editor. To use the pack you created, press “download zip” and place the file in the resource packs folder in your .minecraft, like you would with a normal texture pack. Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much i had the same problem thank you

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