Help! Unable to choose any color but black!

Hi, While trying to create new player skins, my choice of colors randomly stops working and fills pixels only with black. I’ve tried shutting everything down, restarting my computer, and uploading my skin again number of times, but I get the same results. The toggle at the bottom of the editor continues to show a variety of colors, but no matter what I choose, it just paints black.

Also, my dropper doesn’t seem to work. Even when my color choices are working for a little bit, once I click on the dropper, no matter what color I click, it fills with black. Also, after choosing the dropper, I’m unable to choose any of the other drawing tools. It gets suck on the dropper.

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? I have done a lot of research but haven’t come across any similar posts. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


Same thing with me and nothing seems to be working, you probably won’t see this because it was so long ago but hey, no one else has responded and i’m having the same thing

The same thing has just happened to me! I dont know how this is happening.-

Please, please explain how to avoid this! I just want to update my colors ah