How can i delete the my skins?

i want to get rid of a skin a made, and why did the button that deletes, gone when you click on your skin to delete it?

If you where looged in when you saved the skin, you can delete it in the skin editor. login and click the x button

Or you can delete it on the gallery, if you are the skin owner.

if you where not logged in when you saved the skin you need to find it in
and request the deletion using the flag

I don’t see a flag, is it not there, or am I stupid? (I’m probably just stupid)

Nevermind, I figured it out…

Yeah I don’t know how 2 delete skins if I don’t want them any more or already posted them… because instead of just clearing once I post them they stay and I have to delete them all.

I cant see the x button