How do I create a 32X32 resource pack?

Hello, I am new to nova skin and I need a little help with an issue. I have created a project for a resource pack and I can set the size of the textures to 32X32 perfectly fine but when I save them to my project they go back to being 16X16.

Does any one know how to fix this?

I am trying to make a diamond ore 32x32. When I click on the ore, I immediately click size, and change it to 32x32. Then I am able to edit the block with it being 32x32. BUT when I save the block, It only saves the left top corner of the 32x32 block and the save ends up being a 16x16 block that was the corner of a 32x32 block. Please Help!!!

For some reason… the Higher Resolution only works on entities, font, gui, and items… blocks don’t work for some unknown reason…