How do I create a texture/resource pack?

Hello, everyone.

I am fairly new to this server and I don’t know much about how to do things around here, so how do I create a texture/resource pack ?

Sorry, I mean resource pack project.

is this what you mean?

Whenever I try to make a new texture for something and save it, it asks me to put it in a resource pack project.


  2. Allow novaskin to store files on your computer when prompted by the browser

  3. Create a Project
    3.1 Option 1: Local Project. It will be stored on your computer and only be accessible using this computer on this browser.

3.2 Option 2, Create a Project stored on Dropbox. It will be accessible anywhere.

  1. Find the texture you want to edit

  2. Draw something better than me, save and select you previously create project.

  3. Click Projects or Dropbox, depending where you created your resource pack to explore the saved textures.

when it says ‘permanently store data’ does it mean u cant delete it? cause i share computers with somebody else and i still want extra space

Yes, it says permanently because there is also a temporary storage. But it still removeable, you can just delete the project or clean the browser cache.

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