How do I upload to the Nova Skin Gallery?

I can’t find a button that prompts you to upload to the Nova skin gallery. I’ve looked everywhere on the editor, the gallery page, and I can’t find anything that you have to do to upload your skin to the nova skin gallery. How do people get their skins on there???

You use the skin editor to upload skins to the gallery.

Just edit a skin, save, give a name and click again save to save it online.

I tried that but then when I tried to search my skin it didn’t work. Am I supposed to save it to my computer? When I hit the save button that’s what it wanted me to do, but it didn’t seem to work. I’ve been trying for nearly half an hour with no results.

Go to the spot above the skin selector, and click the open button next to the drop box. from there, just pick a file, and your good. I had your same problem, and I just found out what to do. lol

Please me it’s stop…

I found out how. You can go to Nova Skin Resource Pack editor, and from there, create an Resourcepack. Then edit a Steve skin, and save it as steve in your resourcepack. Open the texture editor in resourcepack, at Resoure pack name > assets > texture > entity > steve.png, then in the texture edition you click the button save, and it will go straight to the share.

Easy, but complicated. Could be simpler.