How Do Magento 2 Stock Notifications Help in Handling Inventory With Ease?

Every eCommerce store can face a major problem when certain items, which are most popular among online shoppers, are out of stock. In the event of high competition among the different products sold in an online store, customers are less likely to return to the store if the desired product is not in stock. If you wish to avoid losing your potential customers, we recommend that you install the Magento 2 stock notification extension tool in your store.

Whenever a product is out of stock the Magento 2 stock notification extension displays a “notify me” button. By clicking the “Notify Me” button, the Customer will receive an email notification when the required stock is returned to the Store by subscribing via an email address.

In a nutshell, the main benefit of Magento 2 stock notification is that eCommerce store owners can invest in the products which are most wanted and requested by the customer. This feature helps in understanding the customer needs and solving the problem of increasing sales. In addition, admins can also send updates and back-in-stock alerts to their users manually as well as automatically.

Features of Magento 2 Stock Notifications:

  • The Magento 2 Stock Notifications extension sends alerts to guest users as well as registered people.
  • If a new request is made for a missing product, the extension sends a “Stock Notification Alert” to the administrator.
  • It helps in getting better insights. Once subscribed to the product, the admin will be able to access all the details of the customers.
  • After subscribing to a product, customers will receive a back-in-stock notification from the store on their email ID.
  • Pop-ups of the Notify Me button can be managed from the admin panel.
  • After subscribing through Magento 2 stock notification, the customer will also be able to check the membership of all the products in the “My Account” section.
  • This extension admin grid also contains customer checklists and email notifications sorted by-products.

Final words:

Magento 2 stock notification is not only for the product which is available in the admin store but also for those products which are not available with the admin. The Magento 2 stock notifications extension includes both the Magento out-of-stock notifications and back-in-stock notification service features. Customers may find the product and search do not find any product, then the customer can place a request for himself/herself by simply entering their email id and clicking on the notification button. If a customer is logged in to the website there is no need to enter an email address, just click on the notify me button and the admin will know the product searched by the customer and can arrange that product in his stock.