How do you publish recource packs?

So, on the public gallery thig-a-ma-bob I saw a thing where you can publish full recource packs, but there was nothing there. Going to the local recource packs page didn’t help. On this fourm, there is no post on how to publish recource packs. Even on Youtube. Even on Bing. There is a simalar post but they are wondering too. The post is very short though: How Do you Post Your Resource Pack For People To Use

There is one response, from the dev. It says you download it and use Dropbox or Mediafire. But I want to post it on something made for this. Prehaps, Novaskin. I don’t want to post items one by one onto the model maker thing. It would be way easier to publish it to freinds. Curently, I use Youtube. Using a download link by puting my .zip files into the place where you tipe and then copy the output. Then put it on the description of a Youtube video. I really think you should add the Recource Pack Gallery.

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what the fuck do you mean?

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Good Bye @Gaming_Pains

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