How do you switch old texture packs to newer versions?

So I am trying to make a minecraft horror map, and I found this cool resource pack called “Silent Hill.” However, it was only updated to 1.6, so some textures from the newer versions are missing. I want to change some blocks like tall grass to a better texture, but I looked through the files, and there is not even the default tall grass texture, so I don’t know how I can change it. Please help!

My Regular Strategy For Upgrading Packs To current Versions of Minecraft is this.

While I don’t know how to upgrade packs through Nova Skins, I do know that if you install RPW (Another resource pack editor) that if you set the default version of minecraft for it to make packs from then if you import an older pack it will convert it to the default version.

That being said, RPW isn’t really ideal for actually editing the packs because it doesn’t show the 3D models that the textures are used for so once a pack is upgraded it is best to download the upgraded version of the pack and import it back into Nova Skin resource editor.

From there you can edit the pack as usual in a much more up to date version of minecraft.

I could not download it for some reason, I will have to use my backup plan of downloading a new texture pack, taking the imiges out of the texture pack, pasting them into the old resource pack, and then re-texturing them with novaskin

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