How to create wallpaper templates with Cinema 4D

You only have to have a 3D editing program. And you need to basically need to download a picture. :smiley:


I can do one in photoshop?*

Big companys or design places bought it. I thing it’s more like ~96% cracked.

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I know but i can download that software on my families desktop

I think Its to expensive so I have a question do you accept renders with Maya? If you don to I`ll try to figure out how to get Cinema 4D xD

Yes, this works in Maya, but there is no tutorial. So I suggest only to get Maya if you have experience with other 3D software e.g. Blender

I don’t Pirate stuff since in America if your caught you go to jail for 5 years and you have to pay a fin of 250,000$

So why don’t they arrest them all? There are alot of pirates! The “caught” people are usually the ones who make it to you, who buy the product to crack and give to everyone. The real ‘hacker’.

Mostly people in USA don’t use the cracked version.

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How do I open the once it’s downloaded? I opened that and got a folder and another thing, the tutorial video says I have to open it, but it won’t open whenever I do. I have MPlayerX installed on my computer but it says I can’t use that to open it. I’M SO LOST

Hey @dhall10qwerty! You should have a program able to un-zip it. I recommend WinRar or 7-Zip. :slight_smile:

o-o…why…WHY DX

what i need to use blender or c4d r14? FASTER REPLY please


there are templates for both

can you make me these please in mc form, am working on a minecraft movie

como baixo cinema 4d

just between us Maxon wants that people crack their programm :smile:

Hello, je suis nouveau sur ce site et j’ai créer une image j’éspère quelle te plaira

Looks like you’re using mine-imator. I’m sorry, but novaskin wallpapers are currently not supported! Cinema4d is required. (except if you want to get technical, but that requires alot of knowledge of the 3d animation program)