How to submit wallpapers in 2023

This forum will show how to submit wallpapers in 2023!

How do you submit wallpapers?

You can submit the wallpapers but following these instructions.

How to create wallpaper templates with Cinema 4D - Wallpaper - Nova Skin Forum

How to create wallpapers for nova skin with mine-imator - Wallpaper - Nova Skin Forum

If you have done the everything right, now you can publish the wallpaper. To quote from Cinema 4D thread on how to publish a wallpaper

###Publish it

  • if the wallpaper looks good, send all of the backgroundxxx.png and layersxxx.png to to
  • you can also upload the files here (.zip files please, also include your contact information in a text file), also send an e-mail with your contact information and the wallpaper name.
  • include a title suggestion, your name, your contact info (like a link to your website)
  • I’m planning to make a better upload system, but by now e-mail works fine.


Given that the latest wallpaper templates came out like 2 years ago, I wouldn’t expect that the recently submitted wallpapers will be available for the public anytime soon. However, the site, especially the wallpapers page, has just been updated recently, so there might be a chance. Good luck.

Thanks. I hope that they will start adding new wallpapers.

or you can mail them to

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