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How to use the Nova Skin Resource Pack

You can install any skin and texture that you find in the gallery for any mob, block or item in minecraft with the resource pack manager.

##How to install
Download the Resource Pack Manager.
The installer will guide you through the setup process.

##Searching textures
Visit the Nova Skin Gallery
Search for textures using the Mobs, Items and Blocks filter on the left

Find a skin that you like and click top open it

##How to download and install the skin
On the skin page, click on the apply to minecraft button

If you have installed the resource pack manager, you will see a list of skin options to replace.
Click on the one you want to change and you should see a message like this

You don’t need to close minecraft to reload the textures, just press F3 and T ant the same time to update the resource packs.

##How to remove one texture
If you don’t want a skin anymore and want to return to the default skin you can delete it.

Visit minecraft.novaskin.me/gallery/local/
Locate the texture you want to remove, open it and click on the red delete button on the right.

How do you remove the texture pack because it wont let me remove it

It wont let me add the manager. it just keeps downloading the recourse pack

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I am having the same problem, if you find out how to do it, please notify me.

please have a version to 1.16.4???

F3 + T doesn’t work 1.16.5

I’m having a similar issue. I downloaded the manager but it wont let me add any thing saying to download the manager

it keeps on asking me to download the resource pack