I am a skin maker, please read!

Hi! could you make a skin that looks like,

a girl,
long white hair
pale skin (not too pale XD)
all clothes black and grey
and eyes red

thanks! -C00kieMonster

Hello Jason. I on the search of skin for me this is my skin. You can help me for kagune?

my nick is _m_a_x_1_4

_ _ m _ a _ x _ 1 _ 4 _

H’lo kind sir.
I would be ever so grateful if you would make me a skin with these qualities:
Caucasian skin
This hairstyle:http://www.mens-hairstylists.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Long-Hairstyle-With-Straight-Bangs-boys-hairstyle.jpg
Eye Color: #003B6F
Same Color Hoodie w/ hood down and no strings
Blue Jeans

Oh, and my email is theepicreeper@gmail.com

Hi my email is 12tkheang12@gmail.com

I have a skin that I made on nova skin editor but when I apply it, it just shows black. I tried downloading the file for the skin and that is also black, even though it shows the actual skin on the website. Could you make a skin for me? Just email me and tell me that you are the skin maker and I’ll send you pictures of the skin.


I have a thread currently looking for hair makers, but I’ll post the details here.

I have a decent skin- but I am simply terrible with hair. If you’d be willing to help me out, it’d be much appreciated.

My requirements are easy:

-Work with the existing hair colour (purple) or platinum blonde, either is fine.
-Ombre is also cool.
-Long hair.
-No fringe.
-Hair accessories are completely optional, but if you do decide to add them, I would like flowers.
-Again optional, but buns, ponytails and such are welcome additions.


Ola Jason pode me fazer uma skin estilo Ban do anime nanatsu no taizai por favor quero que as pernas dele n fiquem vermelhas cor da pele branca cabelo ingual ao dele obrigado @Jason

Male porfavor e obrigado espero que me mande logo