I am a skin maker, please read!

Hello All!

My name is Jason and I am a skin maker, and I am open to making skins for people

If you want me to make a skin for you please let me know what you want on your skin: boy or girl, skin color, hair color and style, eye color, headset and/or hoodie, shirt color and/or pattern, pants or shorts color, and shoe color and/or pattern.

Please give me your email so I can send the file.
Contact me at: starglowstone@gmail.com
Thanks you all and I hope you enjoy your skins!

Server Owner
Skin Maker

Hola, me encantaria que me hagas un skin de este tipo:

color de piel blanco, pelo estilo flogger o como se diga, con buzo azul,
pantalones negros, zapas rojas ah, chico, muchisimas gracias

mi correo: mirtalopezesquel@hotmail.com
muchas grasias

Excuse me, what do you mean by flogger, you mean this hair style?

Anyway I’ll start on your skin

you mean you want white for the color of your skin? and if so what about your shirt?

Hello FIne sir could you make me a skin with these proportions
White Skin color not to light
light brown hair, wavy
blue eyes
Shirt color cyan and pattern, i guess suprise me
Pants please a gray color
and shoes sneaker that are white
Email: yiorgosc35@gmail.com

de color de piel: blanco
camiseta: un buso azul con auriculares
pantalon: negro (largo/
zapatillas: azules
:pelo: de flogger me refiero al pelo, marron o castaño (es lo mismo)
color de ojos: marrones

Hi can you do a skin for me?

My skin is this:

But i want the hair eyes and face of this other:
Thanks :slight_smile:

sry, email is jakefischer37@yahoo.com

Hey guys Jason here.

If you guys requested a skin at least 2 months or less, I’m sorry I haven’t made your skins. I will soon, I’m just busy with my server, Jasoncraft


If you guys already got new skins then please tell me in this thread or email


Daurte Gomes I need your mc player name, thanks:D

My MC player name is R4nd0m6000.
I filled out a forum according to the details

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Magenta
Hoodie: Black with indigo trim & yellow-orange pixel heart on the back (so clashy)
Skin color: White, but like… I can’t say this without being considered racist can I?
Shorts: Denim shorts
Shoes: Almost-black indigo boots with white laces
(I would like the face to be ‘teen girl’ style and the bangs to be like this)

And the front will look sorta like this

The heart on the back is gonna be hard seeing that the back is 8x12.
I know you’ll probs make it symmetrically.

My email is dangdiddly@gmail.com

Could you make me an enderman skin with a headset and have a gaming looking shirt?

Hello guy with a blue hood of the sweatshirt on the head.
The sweatshirt needs to be closed half way and the sleeves pulled up to half arm, on one arm bracelets and on the other arm a tatoo. Furthermore this character needs to wear dark sunglasses and a chain around the neck. He wears slightly ripped jeans and a pair of heavy-duty boots.

Ok, I’ll work on your skins, but don’t be mad if it takes awhile. Lots of people requesting skins.

Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

im sorry to give an opinion but i would like to help make your skins better like making shadings and/or clothes

and my minecraft username is xfish2002jx

I’m makeing a roleplay series if you could make me a skin like this
but her hair is more of a pink and green pastel color that would be great thank you

oh and dont worryi’ll add this link in the description

Hey I would like a skin please e-mail me at mitchelldeane02@gmail.com thank you