I can't click on important things!

I have my skin up in the editor. When I go to click on wear, tags, pose, and backgrounds. (The bar at the top.), it doesn’t do anything. Basically, I want to make a pose for my skin. I click on pose. Nothing happens. It just stays on gallery where it is by default. I hope someone can help. It seems no one on the forums has encountered this and on videos, I do the exact things they do, but the same bug happens. Thanks if you can help. I really want to make a youtube icon.

Try with another browser. If the site works on another browser, go back to you first browser and clear the cache.

I did both of those things and nothing changed. I still can’t click on the boxes. It shows up as a typical cursor instead of the hand.

Can you send a screenshot?
What browser are you using?

You can paste an image here in the reply box or use the upload button.

I’m not sure how to send a screenshot.
Google Chrome.

I cleared everything and it still aint working plz plz help me!!!

Wow, mocking me sure does help a bunch! Thanks a lot, mate!

I wasn’t mocking you I have the same problem…but if you want to be rude about it. If anything we should help each other okay so what so I use a windows xp maybe thats the problem?

I have same problem and i have screen shot http://imgur.com/CbmFbuD look here we just can’t press them and we need help so someone to help us!!!

There was a problem with the top bar covering the buttons in smaller screens.